Installation Instructions

All of LeesParts Pinball Mods are designed for easy installation with just a few basic tools and skills. Installation is quick and easy using the step by step illustrated instructions included with every item (Click here for more info on easy installation). If after reviewing the instructions, you have any doubt as to your ability to install the item, you should seek professional assistance. You are fully responsible for the proper installation of any item, LeesParts is not responsible in any way for any issues that may arise due to your installation of the item.

Swamp Light Instructions Updates

Step 6 - the last word should be "opening" not "through". (newer instructions have been updated)

Step 8 - the light should be mounted between the underside of the plastic and the nut.

Swamp Light Fuse

The Swamp light is connected the the General Illumination lights that are protected by fuse F106. This fuse is located in the lower left of the power driver board (Fuse location diagram).

Cloud Topper Removal

You will likely need a Torx T-20 Tamper Resistant Security bit to remove the Cloud Topper to install the Cloud Topper Light.

Wiring Connections

All of Lee's Parts with lights are connected with with either insulated alligator clips or plug in Molex Connectors. No Soldering or wire cutting is required.

Addams Family Lamp Colors

All of Lee's Parts with lights are matched with the factory bulb colors.

Thing: Left - Yellow (Lit when 5 Things Lamps lit), Right - Green (Lit when lock ready)

Vault: Top - Green (Lit when lock ready), Bottom - Red (Lit for start Showtime)

Chair: Left - Yellow (Lit when chair will score mansion room) , Right - Red (Lit for start Showtime)

Internet Pinball Database

A wealth of information about your pins can be found in the Internet Pinball Database. Operations manuals are also available for download.

Pinball Repair Guides

The Pinball Repair Guides at Pin Repair are an absolute must. Many thanks to the people that put them together.

Local Pinball Repair

If you need your pinball machine repaired in the Cleveland Ohio area, contact Keith at The Pin Doctor. For the Cincinnati Ohio area, contact Mark at Mark's Pinball. They do great work at reasonable prices.

Circuit Board Repair

If you find that you need one of your circuit boards repaired, I highly recommend the Coin-Op Cauldron. They do great work at reasonable prices.

Really Cool Topper for Attack From Mars

If you have an Attack From Mars pin, check out this topper from Gary B. He is only planning on making a few more: AFM Topper.

Game playing tips from the Professional & Amatuer Pinball Association

General game play techniques

Addams Family Tutorial

Bram Stoker's Dracula Tutorial

Star Trek the Next Generation Tutorial

Twilight Zone Tutorial

Bally Pinball Machine Parts