Power Magnet Protection Package

Addams Family Power Magnet Protection Package"Feel the power." A great and easy way to protect the Addams Family Pinball machine play field from an ugly burn.

The power magnet controller has been known to fail, when it does the magnet will stay on, heat up, then cause a burn or discoloration on the play field. If the controller sticks, the fuse will blow before damage can occur.

Each Power Magnet Protection Pack includes three individually handcrafted wire harnesses that allow each magnet to be individually fused after installation. Quick and easy plug in installation! Instructions are included but hardly needed. If you can raise the play field you can install this pack. No Tools, no permanent modifications, no Soldering, and no wire cutting - easy installation!!!

Power Magnet Protection Package installed in Addams Family Pinball Machine Power Magnet Protection Package for Addams Family Pinball Machine

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